Non-league team's live-tweeting stops mid-match after using social media manager as a sub

Sleaford Town play in the ninth-tier of English football

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Picture by: Andrew Matthews / PA Archive/Press Association Images

Live-tweeting has become a trait of the modern media world for sport teams. 

Teams regularly tweet updates from games for fans who may not be able to attend. Whether it's a team at the highest level on an international level, or a local team, almost all sports teams live-tweet their events.

On Monday afternoon, Sleaford Town's Twitter account went dead for an hour as they were leading 3-1 against Boston Town in the United Counties Football League Premier Division. After 5pm, the mystery was finally solved.

Sleaford's Under-18 captain Harrison Allen was the guest tweeter for the day, despite starting the game on the bench. Sleaford only had three subs on the bench, so there was a relatively high chance that Allen would have to make an appearance.

In the end, Sleaford Town blew a 3-0 half time lead against Boston to draw 3-3. Sleaford remain in seventh place after the draw. Boston moved up to 16th place.