The Golden State Warriors have finally revealed a weakness in the team

Andrew Bogut's free throws need some practice

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Andrew Bogut. Picture by: Kelvin Kuo / AP/Press Association Images

Golden State Warriors' season has been one of the most memorable in the history on professional basketball.

The reigning NBA champions are on course to record the most successful season in NBA history, and along with the continuous brilliance of Steph Curry, the team have become one of the most popular in all of sports.

For all that is good about the Warriors, they will have moments of weakness, and that's what happened on Monday night when they faced the New Orleans Pelicans. The Australian center Andrew Bogut stepped up to the free-throw line during the Warriors win and missed the backboard completely. 

To be fair to Bogut, shooting is not in his forte, but he did have a night to remember by shooting only the third three-pointer of his career. Steph Curry better watch out...