WATCH: Rugby player gets his teeth knocked out and plays on after trying to find them on the pitch

Parting ways with your teeth is never a pleasant experience, but this player reacted incredibly calmly.

Rugby, Jeremy Gondrand, teeth, hit

Jeremy Gondrand looks for his teeth on the pitch. Image: YouTube

Jeremy Gondrand reacted remarkably calmly to having several teeth knocked out of his head in a monster challenge. 

The outhalf was on the receiving end of a huge shoulder from a Dax player as he tried to keep a move going for his Lyon–based team LOU. 

The hit sent him flying back on to the pitch just before the half-time break, and in the process he lost four teeth. 

However, Gondrand calmly gathered himself with the help of the medical team, looked around for his teeth, and then came back out for the second half. 

His side ended up on the winning side of the Pro D2 clash too, as they won by a scoreline of 33-26. 

Via Sports Illustrated