"He’s now the heir apparent to Tiger"

We discuss Jordan Spieth's potential to rise to the level of golf's greatest icon...

"He’s now the heir apparent to Tiger"

Andrew Matthews/PA Wire/PA Images

Almost ten years after Tiger Woods landed his last major victory at Torrey Pines in 2008, Jordan Spieth's almost miraculous Open victory has cemented his place as the game's new poster boy.

When Irish golfer Des Smyth and journalist Lawrence Donegan joined Off The Ball to discuss his win the Tiger comparisons were too tempting to avoid.

Lawerence said that Tiger is a "far better all round player" than the 23-year-old, but he believes that he has reached a point yesterday where he, "seemed to just will things to happen," in the same way which Woods used to.

Meanwhile, Des believes that he's now displaced Rory McIlroy as golf's great hope:

"He’s now the heir apparent to Tiger, we thought it was going to be Rory, this kid looks like he could take that throne."

He added that after spending yesterday following Mcilroy he believes that he is playing at "70%" and that we may not see the Northern Irish golfer's best form during the remainder of this season as he struggles to leave injuries behind him.

Lawrence Donegan said that his one concern is that Spieth will struggle on longer courses as he is not one of the modern game's long hitters - he believes that Rory may finish his career with more major victories.