Austin Gleeson: "As long as I have a number between one and fifteen, I'll be happy"

Waterford play Kilkenny on Saturday

Austin Gleeson: "As long as I have a number between one and fifteen, I'll be happy"

Austin Gleeson celebrates. Image: ©INPHO/Donall Farmer

Waterford star Austin Gleeson joined Off the Ball to look forward to Waterford's clash with Kilkenny on Saturday.

Both teams played last weekend so there has been minimal build-up to the game between the two rivals.

Asked whether the short turnaround would be problematic, Gleeson said: "The benefits would be that you're not over-thinking, over-analysing everything that could happen in the build-up if you were three weeks out before you play the match.

"In other ways, maybe it's a bit of a downfall, you don't get them couple of weeks to look back and see how the opposition play. It's the same for both teams so the two teams are going to go for it. 

"We played twice last year...we're kind of familiar with each other now the last few years. It's eleven months on since the All-Ireland semi-final last year. It's another year and there's new players on both teams coming through and I suppose it's different.

Kilkenny's Padraig Walsh and Austin Gleeson of Waterford. Image: ©INPHO/Cathal Noonan

"Players are getting older and have a bit more experience and probably less nervous coming into these types of games so it's going to be different to last year but I'm anticipating a 50/50 game and I can't see either team giving much space on the field in Thurles on Saturday," he added. 

Gleeson has been primarily deployed as a centre-forward this year and he's happy to lead the attacking line-up.

"Yeah, I suppose, last year in the semi-finals I was kind of positioned around the centre as well so. I think Derek (McGrath) put me centre-forward against Offaly to see if I could settle into that position again. So it's a nice position to play - you can kind of roam around a small bit as well. It's an enjoyable position - you can attack and defend. As long as I have a number between one and fifteen, I'll be happy.   

"There's so many people trying for places on our panel...I'm happy to take any number to be honest," he said. 

Gleeson goes on to discuss Waterford's recent progress and his thoughts on the game with Kilkenny. The full interview can be heard here: