Garry Monk says he left Leeds because he didn't share the new owners' vision

The new Middlesbrough manager was speaking about his old club on Monday morning

Garry Monk

Image: Richard Sellers/PA Wire/PA Images

New Middlesbrough manager Garry Monk says he left Leeds last month because the vision of the club's new owner, Andrea Radrizzani, didn't suit him.

Monk says the "clarity" of the set-up at Middlesbrough appealed to him and believes they're equipped to win promotion straight back to the Premier League.

Despite the comments, he said he didn't want to go into too much detail regarding his surprise departure from Leeds.

"It was a really good time for me at the club and I thought it would carry on," he said. "It hasn't, for whatever reason, and my situation went into its next phase where I needed to find a club aligned with my ambition."

The former Swansea boss also said that it was important to make clear that his departure from Leeds and signing with Middlesbrough were "two separate situations" and nothing in the process was premeditated. 

"The situation at Leeds was that we had the season that we had there and [was] expecting them to continue forward in that fashion with the new owners. 

"We couldn't quite find that. After that, I'm a manager out of a job. I'm ambitious, I want to be working and I want to find the right challenge. 

"All of those boxes that I needed ticked, as well as being able to move forward with the club, Middlesbrough had it."