Evening top 5: Vigil in West Belfast for the late Martin McGuinness; and the marketing of porn

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Large crowds gathered to welcome Martin McGuinness's remains home to the Bogside area of Derry this afternoon.

The Sinn Féin politician and former Northern Irish deputy first minister died in hospital earlier today after a short illness. He was 66.

Despite freezing conditions, hundreds of people stood along the route and walked alongside the coffin as it was brought through the streets of Derry.

The initial outside the funeral home gave way to applause as the coffin as the gathered crowd paid their respects to Mr McGuinness.


A Wicklow based detective has initiated a legal action in the High Court against the Garda Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan.

Detective Garda Catherine McGowan claims she did not have the power to establish an internal board of inquiry into alleged breaches of discipline.


Denmark may have officially been replaced as "the world's happiest country" by Nordic neighbour Norway on Monday, but there was reason to celebrate in the state as it announced a historic economic milestone.

Paying off its final foreign currency loan of €1.4 billion, it completely rid itself of foreign debt for the first time since at least 1834.

The Danmarks Nationalbank said of wiping the slate clean:

"On 20 March 2017, the Danish central government will repay its last loan in foreign currency, totalling 1.5 billion dollars. Thus – for the first time in at least 183 years – the Danish central government has no foreign currency loans."


While the first human-led visit to Mars might still be some decades off – especially given the Trump budgetary wish-list that cuts funding from NASA – but that doesn’t mean we cannot appreciate the geological wonder of the red planet from afar.

And from not quite as afar, as well, with a filmmaker stitching together photos snapped by the US space agency’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. For three months, Finnish filmmaker Jan Fröjdman edited together the topographic images captured by the MRO’s HiRISE high-res camera to create a stunning 3D video that showcases the beauty of this alien world.


Normally, he’s a 27-year-old dialysis technician living in Minnesota, where he spends his days tending to the needs of men and women with kidney problems. But soon John Brutal, not his real name, will shift his focus from renal to penile, having just been chosen in a US contest to appear as Donald Trump in a pornographic film.

The state-to-state search for an x-rated POTUS proxy was launched by xHamster, the bronze medallist of the world’s most popular porn sites, hoping that the ensuing publicity can push them ahead of XVideos and Pornhub.