Ched Evans calls for more sex consent education after rape acquittal

Footballer has distanced himself from those naming his accuser

ched evans

Footballer Ched Evans and partner Natasha Massey with solicitor Shaun Draycott (right) outside Cardiff Crown Court last week | Photo: PA Images

Footballer Ched Evans says young players need to be taught about the dangers around alcohol, sexual consent and the law.

The Wales international was acquitted of raping a 19-year-old woman following a five-year battle to clear his name.

During Evans' re-trial, prosecutors maintained the woman was too drunk to agree to sex.

But the Chesterfield FC player asserted that he had consensual sex with the complainant, who he said was capable of making decisions.

Following his exoneration, Evans has called for footballers to be educated on alcohol and sexual consent.

He told the Mail on Sunday: "I was young at the time and I was stupid and I wasn't aware of the situations you could potentially find yourself in that would land you in trouble.

"I have never been taught anything like that.

"You get your gambling and drinking training but nothing else on top of that. In this day and age, people need educating on alcohol and consent."

He added: "I read somewhere you would have to get written consent.

"That wouldn't be realistic but someone needs to come up with something. 

"The best thing is to be educated and when they are drunk to think twice about it. How would it look in a court of law?"

'Mixed emotions'

Following Evans' not guilty verdict, North Wales Police said it was aware the player's accuser had been named on social media, even though she has a legal right to anonymity.

In a statement, Evans said he "disassociates" himself from those naming or abusing the woman, who had to change her name and move house after being identified on social media after the first trial in 2012.

On his accuser, Evans said he has "mixed emotions".

The player told the Sunday Times: "My belief is that it got put to her that she had been raped by two footballers.

"But my feelings towards the girl involved is that I can't actually say I am angry, because - if she doesn't genuinely remember - it doesn't mean we raped her.

"It doesn't mean she didn't consent. It just means that she can't remember."

He added: "I'd be lying if I said I feel some hatred towards her, I don't."

Evans also paid tribute to his fiancee Natasha Massey, who was by his side as he left court.

He said: "I believe we are going to be together for the rest of our lives and we make a perfect team but it would have been easy for Tash to walk away because of the stress and heartache she has had to put up with.

"My behaviour that night was totally unacceptable but it wasn't a crime."