Poster for Hollywood blockbuster "Arrival" has sparked outrage in Hong Kong

It kicked off the hashtag #HongKongisnotChina

Earlier this week, the publicity campaign for new Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster Arrival landed in full force, with the full trailer and twelve different posters.

Each of the posters showed an alien spaceship hovering over different cities and landscapes around the world, with one of the posters featuring one of the crafts floating above the Hong Kong skyline.

Hong Kong locals were incensed at the inclusion of the Oriental Pearl Tower (the landmark at the bottom right of the poster), which is actually part of the Shanghai skyline.

This resulted in Hong Kong social media users heading to the Facebook page in complaint, using the hashtag #HongKongisnotChina.

Eventually, the poster was removed from the movie's Facebook page and a statement was posted saying: "An error in one in a series of posters for 'Arrival' was made by a third party vendor. [...] We are disappointed to have not caught the error."

A new poster was then posted in its place, keeping the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower, and replacing all of Hong Kong with the Shanghai skyline instead.

Once again, Hong Kong social media users to the movie's Facebook page: "The appearance of the Oriental Pearl Tower in HK was wrong, so you rectified it by keep the tower and replacing the city of HK with Shanghai? So HK's the "WRONG" part here?"

Arrival will arrive in Irish cinemas on November 11th.