Obama asked to wait before visiting Louisiana flood areas

Security required for visit would take away from vital response work

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US President Barack Obama| Image via @WhiteHouse on Twitter

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has asked President Obama to stay away from the area while vital response work is being carried out.

The devastating floods have so far killed 13 people and displaced over 30,000 in the southern United States. Louisiana has been hit the worst and the President has faced calls for him to end his holidays early and visit the region.

However, the Governor of Louisiana said "It is a major ordeal, they free up the interstate for him. We have to take hundreds of local first responders, police officers, sheriffs, deputies and state troopers to provide security for that type of visit. I would just as soon have those people engaged in the response rather than trying to secure the president. So I’d ask him to wait, if he would, another couple weeks".

Furthermore, over 86,000 residents of the state have applied for assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.