Report claims Russia has killed more civilians in Syria than ISIS

The Syrian Network for Human Rights compiled the statistics

Report claims Russia has killed more civilians in Syria than ISIS

A Russian war plane at Hemeimeem airbase, Syria. Image: Vladimir Isachenkov / AP/Press Association Images

A shocking new report from the Syrian Network of Human Rights (SNHR) claims Russia has killed more civilians in Syria than ISIS. 

The report highlights the devastating impact airstrikes have had in the country as the Russian Federation has now killed over 2,704 civilians compared to 2,686 murdered by Isis.

Isis's reign of terror began in April 2013, nearly two and a half years before Russia entered the conflict.

Included in the figures for the Russian victims are 746 children and 514 women, while 28 Medics and 10 media professionals were also among the casualties.

Isis, for their part, have murdered 368 children and 323 women. 57 media activists and a further 34 medics have also perished at their hands. 

“Russian forces have violated the rules of international humanitarian law that protect the right to life”, the SNHR wrote in their report. But “the bombardment operations mentioned in the report have targeted unarmed civilians.  [They] have caused collateral damages that include casualties, injuries and great damages to civil facilities. Indicators suggest that damage was extremely extensive compared with the expected military benefit.”

The full report can be read here.