Noel Edmonds to take "Deal or No Deal" on the road

The studio version of the show has been axed

Noel Edmonds to take "Deal or No Deal" on the road

Where will the show pop up next?

"Deal or No Deal" will no longer be on our TV sets as we know it after Channel 4 decided against renewing the series in its current format. 

Noel Edmonds will instead film a new version of the show where he takes it on a tour of some of the UK's famous landmarks. It had been based in Bristol since its inception but the touring concept has been in the works for a number of months.

Speaking to the Press Association, Edmonds said that he had been in discussions with hierarchy at the station and had "been working on this for the last six months and now the logistics are virtually finalised we can start recording the shows in some extraordinary locations.” 

“We can go anywhere and this is something I’ve wanted to do for years. Twenty-two boxes, a phone and me. Where will we pop up next?” he added. 

Channel 4 chief creative officer Jay Hunt said: "I remember watching Deal or No Deal launch and watching it grow to become a hit that captivated audiences for over a decade".

"A lot of the credit for that must go to Noel and his exceptional presenting. As the studio shows ends, I'm delighted he'll now be taking Deal or No Deal to the audience."

Over 11 years, Channel 4 broadcast nearly 3,000 episodes of the show giving out roughly £40 million in prizes. 

Edmonds will remain with the broadcaster as he has been signed up to front a new studio game show, with other projects earmarked for him down the line.