Baby born on trans-Pacific flight gifted with one million air miles

Little baby girl Haven was born four hours into the flight

On August 14th, an expectant mother boarded the flight from Dubai to Manila.

Despite being five weeks until the due date, the mother went into labour four hours into the nine hour flight. 

With the assistance of two nurses who happened to be on board, as well as members of the flight crew, they assisted the mother into giving birth to her baby girl, Haven.

In celebration of the occasion, Philippines carrier Cebu Pacific awarded Haven one million air miles, which have no expiry date and can be shared with her family.

The airline's CEO Lance Gokongwei told CNN: "We are happy that both mother and daughter are doing well, and would like to commend our flight and cabin crew for handling the situation with utmost professionalism and efficiency. We also express our sincerest gratitude to the two volunteer nurses who helped ensure the baby's safe delivery."

One of the passengers on the board the flight also took the Facebook to give a detailed account of what happened: