Leaving Cert students reminded of their right to complain

The ombudsman can examine complaints about a range of education bodies

Leaving Cert students reminded of their right to complain

Leaving Cert students at Marian College in Dublin in 2014 | Image: RollingNews.ie

The Ombudsman Peter Tyndall has reminded students receiving their Leaving Certificate results that his office can independently examine complaints against all public third-level education bodies.

His office can examine complaints against bodies including the State Examinations Commission, Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI), universities and Institutes of Technology.

Ombudsman Tyndall said: "This is an exciting and hopefully happy time for students. However, if for some reason they are unhappy about the administration of their leaving certificate results then they should complain to the relevant education body, for example the State Examinations Commission.

"If they are unhappy with the response then they should bring their complaint to my office, or, if they are under 18 years of age, to the Ombudsman for Children's Office.

"We have worked very successfully with bodies in the third-level education sector such as SUSI and the State Examinations Commission to resolve complaints and to improve the delivery of education services," he added.

The ombudsman can also examine complaints about the administration of education services, including leaving certificate examinations and admissions to third-level education.

However, his office cannot examine 'academic judgement' - in other words the marking or grading of exam papers.

The ombudsman assessed nearly 300 complaints about the education sector in 2015.

These included complaints relating to the Reasonable Accommodations at State Examinations scheme (RACE) and third-level grants provided by SUSI.