Points for range of CAO courses likely to rise this year

There is said to have been an increase in applications for courses in areas such as engineering and technology

Points for range of CAO courses likely to rise this year

File photo. Image: RollingNews.ie

Points for a range of college courses are likely to rise after a record number of applications to the Central Applications Office (CAO).

Leaving Cert students get their results tomorrow and almost 81,000 students have applied to the CAO.

The first round of CAO offers will be sent out on Monday, with second round offers on September 1st.

Courses connected with the economic recovery are proving particularly popular - with thousands flocking to architecture, engineering and technology.

According to The Irish Times, the points for courses linked to those areas are likely to rise around 13%.

Other areas expected to prove popular are nursing and business courses.

Cárthach Ó'Faoláin, Deputy President of the Irish Second-Level Students' Union (ISSU), says it is an anxious time for many.

"The results won't change, but the CAO points do change," he explained on Newstalk Breakfast. "There's nothing you can do - it just depends how many people applied for that course.

"Even if it's an easy course or a hard course, it's all supply and demand. Some people work very hard for a course, and the points might drop completely. Some people might try hard for a course and the points still might go up."

Meanwhile, the ISPCC has issued tips to help parents ahead of results day.

Caroline O’Sullivan, the charity's Director of Services, said: "The best tip is to keep the communication lines open, support your son/daughter through listening and talking, and keep your own expectations in check."

Annie Hoey, President of the Union of Students in Ireland, said: “It’s probably the toughest exam most people will do in their life and it spans across so many diverse subjects, both optional and obligatory.

"It’s important to bear in mind that when you go to college, you’ll most likely be studying in a field you’re interested in and better at," she added.