TDs launch new whistleblowing website for NAMA

It also offers people advice on how to be a whistleblower

TDs launch new whistleblowing website for NAMA

Independent TDs Mick Wallace and Clare Daly (front centre) pictured outside the Merrion Hotel in Dublin | Image:

A new whistleblowing website is looking to "uncover possible injustice and malpractice related to NAMA," according to its founders. has been supported by TDs Mick Wallace and Clare Daly, as well as assistant UCD Professor Julian Mercille, former environment editor with the Irish Times Frank McDonald and financial consultant Cormac Butler.

The site, which is directed by Deputy Wallace Wallace, has been developed in collaboration with the Freedom of the Press Foundation, and experts who work extensively with whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The site says these people are "world leaders in creating secure and anonymous systems for whistleblowers."

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It is also asking people who have relevant information to contact them.

"Whether you are an insider with confidential information, someone who has been evicted from your house unjustly, or know something else of relevance to the project, we would like to hear from you," the site says.

It also offers people tips on how to leak information.

It includes advice such as: "Take your personal computer and go to a network that isn't associated with you or your employer...Create your anonymous email address and must create an anonymous email address."

The site also tells potential whistleblowers: "At any point, if you are unsure about how to leak to us, contact us with questions and we will assist you in leaking safely."

Deputy Wallace has also tweeted a video advert for his site.