WATCH: Cat born with four ears in the US

Batman the cat is now looking to be adopted

WATCH: Cat born with four ears in the US

Image: Western PA Humane Society

A cat with a rare genetic mutation is looking for a home in the US.

The feline, named Batman, was born with four ears and brought to the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society.

The rarely seen mutation has been documented back to 1938 in Ohio, with a four eared cat named Toots.

The condition has been studied and is argued to be a recessive gene mutation needed from both parents in order to produce four ears.

Batman, who is 3-years old, has been so far unavailable for adoption because he was being treated for an upper respiratory infection.

His sickness was not related to his extra set of ears, the Western PA Humane Society says.

But it says he is now feeling better and ready to be adopted.

"Batman would do well in a house with or without animals as he came from a house with several animals," it says in a Facebook post.

"He is a very friendly and loves cheek rubs."

Hala Nuemah, managing director of the Western PA Humane Society, said: "As an open door shelter, we take in and care for any animal brought to us. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a four eared cat comes in the door."

"We are excited Batman is feeling better and look forward to him finding his forever home."