Trump was "serious" when describing Obama as IS founder - Mike Pence

The vice-presidential candidate was speaking to Fox news

Trump was "serious" when describing Obama as IS founder - Mike Pence

Donald Trump and Mike Pence | Screeshot

Indiana Governor Mike Pence said Donald Trump was being "serious" when he said that U.S. President Barack Obama was the "founder" of IS.

In 2003, Republican President George W. Bush, along with the UK, invaded Iraq to rid Saddam Hussein of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Hussein was toppled but no WMD's were ever found. 

Ever since, the country has been in chaos which in-turn has spread throughout the region. The post-Hussein plans for the country were non-existent and a power vacuum was created. 

However, Pence believes the blame lies solely at the feet of the current administration. 

"I think he was being very serious," Pence said, speaking on "Fox News Sunday". "He was making a point that needs to be made, that there is no question that the failed policies of President Barack Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in the wider Middle East, created a vacuum within Iraq in which ISIS was able to arise."

"Donald Trump has a way of talking to get people's attention, and it's drawn attention to a very important issue," Pence added.