Clinton pulling away from Trump in the polls

She has solidified her position in key battleground states

Clinton pulling away from Trump in the polls

Image: Tony Dejak / AP/Press Association Images

Latest poll numbers show Hillary Clinton has extended her lead in Florida and New Hampshire, and is being competitive in routinely Republican strongholds like Georgia. 

The poll, carried out by CBS news, shows her lead in Florida has extended from three to five points, while she also has a nine point lead over her rival in New Hampshire. 

Trump's poor polling figures have even brought traditional Republican states like Georgia into "battleground" territory. Clinton only trails her opponent by four points in a state that hasn't voted for Democratic nominee since 1992, when her husband Bill, claimed the state.

In Florida, over 71% of those polled feel Trump doesn't have good temperament or judgement, while 54% feel his recent comments were irresponsible. 

In New Hampshire, he is polling low among female voters at only 29%, with Clinton on 51%. It's even worse in New Hampshire, where 91% of female swing voters won't vote for him.