Cubans celebrate 90th birthday of Fidel Castro

Celebrations are ranging from street parties to the rolling of the world's longest cigar...

Cubans celebrate 90th birthday of Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro. Image: CHARLES TASNADI / AP/Press Association Images

Celebrations are being held across Cuba to mark Fidel Castro's 90th birthday.

Thousands of Cubans attended a party at Malecon seafront in Havana, with festivities continuing into the early hours of this morning.

A live band played "Happy Birthday" at midnight, according to Reuters.

Flags and billboards celebrating Cuba's former president have also been erected around the country to mark the occasion, while exhibitions are documenting his life to date.

In one of the more unique tributes, a tobacconist has rolled what has been described as 'the world's longest cigar' - hoping to break his own world record in the process.

Speaking to AFP, Jose 'Cueto' Castelar said: "It is 90 metres long, to commemorate 90 years of our comandante".

Fidel Castro, who has largely retired from public life due to ill health, is not expected to make any public appearances during today's celebrations.

Castro led Cuba's 1959 revolution and built a Communist-run state less than 200km from Florida.

The country claims he has survived hundreds of assassination attempts.

Fidel stepped down as leader of Cuba in 2008, with his brother Raúl taking over as president.

Raúl has said his current term as president, due to end in 2018, will be his last.