New housing scheme to streamline home allocation

A spokesperson for Cluid Housing talks about how the new scheme will improve the situation

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A leading housing charity says a new scheme to allocate houses to those on the waiting list will make it much more efficient.

Almost 2,000 houses were refused by people on the housing list last year.

People on the housing list will be given the chance to register their interest in properties rather than waiting to be assigned a home.

Choice based letting has been trialled in a number of local authorities, reducing the number of refusals significantly.

Simon Brooks is spokesman for Cluid Housing; "Vacanies that are advertised on the website - a bit like or - and if people are interested in a particular vacancy, they express an interest in that."

"And after a number of weeks, the local authority looks at the people who have registered their interest, and then allocates the homes to those who registered internet with the highest need."