Architects have designed a house that breaks up if you do

Studio OBA in Amsterdam created 'Prenuptial Housing' in response to increasing divorce rates

Architects have designed a house that breaks up if you do

'Prenuptial Housing' | Image: Studio OBA

Want to buy a house with your partner, but worried about what to do if the relationship doesn't work out?

Dutch architects Studio OBA have solved this problem by designing a house that can split in two if a couple decides to break up.

'Prenuptial Housing' was created by Omar Kbiri and is a response to the increasing divorce rates in today's society.

The building is designed to float on water and consists of two separate independent structures that slot together to form one home.

If a couple feels like they are drifting apart, the house initiates a ‘break up’, by detaching the two units, which then exist solo on the water.

'Prenuptial Housing' | Image: Studio OBA

In an interview with Dezeen, Vincent Ringoir who runs Studio OBA said the team looked towards Amsterdam's plentiful canals for inspiration.

"The challenge of the project was to design a house that consists of two autonomous units that appear to be one," he said.

"Due to the way we designed it, the house responds to the flow of the relationship: when all is well, the house remains a unity."

"But when couples separate, the house – literally – drifts apart as well. And how nice would it be if separate units would one day reconnect again when a new relationship blossoms?" he added.

At the moment the house is just a concept but the team are planning a prototype and Omar Kibri said he hopes to start taking orders for Prenuptial Housing in early 2017.