Photographer jailed for drugging and raping male clients in his home

The accused was found with an unconscious man in his home at the time of his arrest

Photographer jailed for drugging and raping male clients in his home

File photo | Image: Mike Egerton / PA Wire/Press Association Images

A photographer who used his business as a cover to drug and rape men at his home has been jailed for 11-and-a-half years.

Nigel Wilkinson was sentenced at Bristol Crown Court after he admitted attacking two men - although detectives believe there may be many more victims.

Wilkinson - whose crimes have been described as "truly horrifying" by police - found his unsuspecting victims through photos they posted on social media.

After making contact, the 43-year-old shop manager would offer the men a free photoshoot, even paying their train fares to Bristol.

Once they arrived at his home in Bedminster, he would take photos and ply his victims with cocktails from a bar set up in his kitchen.

The drinks were spiked with sedatives like the date rape drug Rohypnol - and detectives later found tablets stashed in a shirt pocket in his wardrobe.

The alarm was raised after a 19-year-old man from Kent desperately tried to text his girlfriend while inside Wilkinson's house.

While sipping a drink, he had felt a tablet on his tongue and was scared he had been drugged.

When his parents were unable find him they called the police.

The teenager was found at Wilkinson's home with little memory of what had happened.

Tests and examinations later showed he had not only been drugged but also raped.

When the police arrived to arrest Wilkinson, they found a 23-year-old man passed out on his sofa, who had also been drugged and raped.

Another 19-year-old man whose drink was spiked by Wilkinson has since come forward.

Police found images of many more young men in Wilkinson's Bristol home and have asked them to come forward as detectives believe there could be many more victims.

Detective Constable Stacey Matthews, from Avon and Somerset Police, said: "If you don't want to speak to the police, please speak to someone. Don't suffer in silence."

Describing Wilkinson, she added: "On the surface, he was a photographer with an interest in male fitness models. In private, he was a cunning sexual offender."