First plot details emerge on the new 'Star Trek' series 'Discovery'

The show's creator says the lead character will be a woman, but she won't captain the Discovery

Star Trek Discovery, Bryan Fuller

The adventures of the Discovery's crew will be set a decade before the original series [YouTube]

When Star Trek: Discovery gets beamed across the world on Netflix in January, we know for sure that it will be boldy going where no Star Trek TV series has ever gone before – simply because showrunner Bryan Fuller has just announced the series will take place about a decade before the classic 1960s series which first brought the crew of the Enterprise to the world.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association press tour in Los Angeles, Fuller, best known as the creator of Hannibal, also revealed that the series’ protagonist would be female and wouldn’t be the ship’s captain. Instead, the as-yet-uncast character will be the lieutenant commander on the bridge of the Discovery, which will ape the retro-futurist look of the classic series.

Fuller added that the cast of characters would include a gay lead, a first for any series in the Star Trek canon, as well as a number of alien species. “Normally there’s one person with a bumpy forehead but mostly people who look basically human – I wanted a universe that is much different than us,” Fuller said.

The TV writer and director confirmed that Discovery would only run for 13 episodes, beginning neither on Earth nor on another planet, and that it would tell a series arc, quite unlike other iterations of Star Trek, which are almost entirely episodic in nature. Furthermore, Fuller claimed that the design of the Discovery that was released at the San Diego Comic-Con is not the finalised version that will be seen in the show.

Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek was first broadcast on American television on September 8th, 1966, and there will celebrations held all over the world for the TV show, and its sprawling film, comic book, animation, and novel tie-in series over the coming weeks.

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