You can now chat to Obama on Facebook Messenger

A new Messenger bot lets you send a note to the President instantly

You can now chat to Obama on Facebook Messenger

Picture by: Charles Dharapak / AP/Press Association Images

The White House announced a new feature on their Facebook page that allows citizens to send messages to President Barack Obama.

With the help of a new chatbot feature on Facebook Messenger, users can now send a note to the the US president in just a few minutes.

In a statement, The White House said that the new feature is designed to make it easier for Obama to keep up with up with is happening in the world.

"Every night, President Obama reads 10 letters that were sent to him by citizens. It has been a part of his daily routine since taking office in 2009.

"These 10 'letters a day' do more to keep the President in touch with what’s happening around the country than just about anything else.

Obama has said that the practice is "a powerful motivator" for him.

In order to send a message to the US president, all users have to do is go to the White House's Facebook page, click the 'message' button and the bot will appear and ask you for a US address. If you are not in the U.S, the bot also accepts an email address as an alternative.

You can then fill out a message to the president, press 'send' and the message goes straight to the Office of Presidential Correspondence - the White House department that collects and processes all communications from citizens.

The White House said that their objective in introducing this feature is to make it easier for every citizen to have their voice heard.

"Our goal is to bring the conversation to even more Americans. Starting today, you can send a note to the White House via Facebook Messenger. In the same way that you message your friends, you can go to our Facebook Page and click “Message” to share your thoughts with us."