WATCH: A man climbed Trump Tower in an effort to meet Donald Trump

The man claimed that he wanted to get a personal meeting with the presidential candidate

WATCH: A man climbed Trump Tower in an effort to meet Donald Trump

Picture by: Julie Jacobson / AP/Press Association Images

A man attempted to climb the outside of Trump Tower using suction cup pads in an effort to get a personal meeting with Donald Trump.

The 20-year-old man from Virgina managed to make it up 21 floors before he was grabbed by the New York Police Department. Videos of the incident showed police officers trying to talk him down.

Police then lowered a harness clip in an effort to get him to safety, but the climber refused assistance from police.

An NYPD officer involved in the rescue said:

"I was lowering the safety line to him. He was climbing for a while, I could see he was getting tired."

Police also attempted to block his path by knocking out window-panes above him - one of which was caught on video and almost hit the climber.

Eventually, as the man tried to climb past a window where the police were located, the police managed to grab old of him and pull him to safety.

A week before him climb, the man posted a video to YouTube where he claimed that he wanted to get Donald Trump’s attention and urged viewers to vote for Trump.

Officers stated at a press conference that they did not believe the climber had any bad intentions but they will continue their investigation.

"His Youtube video explains that he's an independent researcher and he wanted to meet with him, and that's the reason why he was climbing this building.

"At no time did he express that he wanted to hurt anybody. His sole intention was to meet with Mr Trump."