WATCH: Futuristic pen that can write in over 16 million colours

The crowdfunded 'Cronzy' pen also allows users to scan and use colours from the world around them

WATCH: Futuristic pen that can write in over 16 million colours

Photo: Cronzy/ Indiegogo

A crowdfunded pen that allows you to write in over 16 million different colours could begin production in less than 2 months.

The Cronzy Pen supposedly has the ability to produce over 16 million colors from a single writing utensil, using a built-in ink cartridge to custom mix whatever color you want.

The accompanying app will let users pick their preferred shade, or use a scanner at the tip of the pen as an tool to scan colours from the world around you.

The team behind the Cronzy pen at Indiegogo also say that its Li-Po battery will allow the pen to be used for days without having to recharge. The pen comes with interchangeable tips for various line weights.

So just how feasible is the project? Well, the prototype demo video should assure you that this product is indeed possible. The demo shows a very rough version of the Cronzy Pen doing exactly what its creators promise.

The Cronzy Pen's founders said that it uses their own custom system to perfectly mix any shade that the user selects.

"Thanks to high-precision mechanisms and an algorithm for mixing colors, we have at this stage of development been able to achieve high-precision mixing CMYKW colors, which allows you to obtain any color with any shade.

"The pen is also equipped with a capacitive Li-Po battery, that will make it possible to use the pen during everyday life for a few days without re-charging."

The pen is being crowdfunded and the team have set a goal of $200,000 (€1700,000) If the project raises enough money, the Cronzy Pen could begin production before next year.