GALLERY: Here's what the Lost Boys from 'Hook' look like 25 years later

The Steven Spielberg movie was released in cinemas in December 1991

Hook, Lost Boys, 25th Anniversary, Steven Spielberg

[22 Vision/Bradford Rogne]

If the words “Rufio! Rufio! Rufio!” bring back immediate memories of a childhood spent watching the Steven Spielberg kids film Hook, the news that the Peter-Pan-as-a-grown-up blockbuster is turning 25 will either be greeted with warm waves of nostalgia or panic over getting older. But then a look at the images of the film’s lost boys then and now will really leave you conflicted.

As reported by io9, Hook’s silver anniversary doesn’t actually arrive until December 11th, but the photographers at 22 Vision managed to find the lost boys, getting them to dress back up in similar costumes to the ones they wore in the film.

As captured by photographer Bradford Rogne, the images recreate a number of their poses from the movie’s promotional material, along with other scenes from the movie. Take a look through some of the images in the gallery below, or find them all over on Facebook.