WATCH: The messy moment when a sewage truck explodes in parked traffic

The footage was captured by a dash cam waiting at the lights in Moscow

Moscow, Dash Cam, Russia, Sewage Truck


What with increasingly isolationist political practices, some very questionable policies regarding gay rights, the invasion and annexation of Crimea, and the doping scandals on an industrial level, it can be hard to appreciate Russia in 2016. But thank god for the average Russian motorist’s love of the dash cam, for capturing something disgustingly wonderful and sharing it with the world.

As the saying goes, sometimes shit happens, and when it does, you’ll wish you had your car window all the up. Footage has emerged of a sewage truck exploding near the Altufyevo metro station in Moscow, and it really does make quite a mess.

A commuter bus and a white four-by-four take the brunt of the number twos, and nobody appears to have been hurt in the explosion. But take a moment to enjoy the perfect storm in the video below:

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