Gillian Anderson teases 'X-Files' co-star over his Twitter faux pas

A tweet from David Duchovny also said new episodes will air "soon-ish"

Gillian Anderson teases 'X-Files' co-star over his Twitter faux pas

Actors Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny attend "The Truth Is Here: David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson on The X-Files" in New York | Image: Evan Agostini / AP/Press Association Images

'X-Files' star Gillian Anderson has poked fun at her co-star David Duchovny for not knowing how to tweet properly.

Duchovny tweeted earlier to wish Anderson a happy birthday, saying: "Happy Birthday, Gillian. If you see Dana, tell her Fox says she might wanna polish up the ol' badge soon-ish. Love, D".

Aside from the good wishes, the hint that the duo might be returning to our screens "soon-ish" has also got people talking.

Broadcaster Fox is said to be in "significant talks" with the show's creator Chris Carter, and its two stars, for new episodes.

'The X-Files' returned for a limited run earlier this year, to high ratings and mixed reviews.

But, possibly unbeknownst to him, Duchovny forgot to tag Anderson's Twitter handle in the birthday tweet.

However Anderson obviously saw it regardless, as she replied: "If you see @davidduchovny, tell him to tag me in his tweets. And thank you schmoopie!"

The truth, and apparently a Twitter user guide, is out there...