WATCH: A visual explanation of Pablo Escobar's enormous wealth

The Colombian drug lord was so rich he budgeted for the 10% of his cash supplies eaten by rats every month

Pablo Escobar, Narcos, Netflix

Pablo Escobar's infamous mugshot [Wiki Commons]

With the second season of the critically-acclaimed Netflix drama Narcos just over three weeks away, expect interest in the show’s villain Pablo Escobar to be whipped up into a frenzy. The Colombian drug lord’s vast fortune is a central part of the bilingual drama’s plot, but just how wealthy was the cocaine kingpin?

According to a new video, Escobar’s fortune was an estimated $30bn, but when trying to make sense of a figure so vast, a new YouTube explainer tries to put things into context. The video, created by the Real Life Lore channel, breaks down Escobar’s net worth, comparing what his Medellin cartel’s income was like in contrast to the average Colombian.

The video offers incredible insights into how difficult it is to even store the huge quantities of cash that Escobar was hoarding, revealing that his budget even accounted for 10% of the bulk to be destroyed by water damage and rats on a monthly basis. With Narcos set to come back on September 2nd, take a look at the video below to get a grasp on the wealth involved.

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