'Suicide Squad' breaks box office records with $135 million opening weekend in the States

Despite the overwhelmingly negative reviews, the movie made some serious bank

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Margot Robbie stars as Harley Quinn in 'Suicide Squad' [YouTube]

It appears there is just no accounting for taste.

Despite the overwhelmingly negative reviews for the movie (including our own here) which resulted in fans trying to get review website Rotten Tomatoes taken off the internet, and it being another addition to a disappointing summer blockbuster season, Suicide Squad still made a killing in it's first weekend in cinemas.

Early reports from Variety claim that the movie has made $135.1 million in the US alone in it's first three days of business, with an additional $132 million in the territories it's opened in around the world.

So that's $267 million in the first weekend for the reportedly $175 million production, which isn't bad going at all. That US number breaks the previous record-holder (2014's Guardians Of The Galaxy $94.3 million) to become the biggest August opening in the US of all time.

Audience reviews for the movie (currently at 7.1 on IMDb) differ vastly from critics reviews, with Warner Bros. Jeff Goldstein distribution executive vice president commenting: "It bested anything that we could have expected. [...] There’s a major disconnect with between what the critics are saying and what audiences are seeing."

With these numbers added to Warners other hits this year - including Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Central Intelligence and The Conjuring 2 - the company has already surpassed $1 billion for the year, and in the process has become the only Hollywood player to manage to do that for sixteen years in a row.

The real measure of the film's success will be in it's staying power, however. Batman V Superman opened to similarly bad reviews and big opening weekend ($166 in March earlier this year), before dropping almost 70% for the following weekend.

Signs are showing that Suicide Squad may follow suit, with a 41% drop from Saturdays ticket sales when compared to Fridays.