Julian Assange on getting Donald Trump's tax returns: 'We're working on it'

The Wikileaks founder talked at length with Bill Maher about the current state of his organisation

Julian Assange, the founder of the infamous Wikileaks organisation, was interviewed by renowned presenter Bill Maher earlier this week.

During their ten-minute conversation Maher questioned Assange on the recent DNC leaks, mentions that he thinks Assange should eventually get a Nobel Peace Prize for his work, and they discuss Edward Snowden, someone whom Assange is very openly opinionated about.

The topic of both candidates for the US presidency is brought up, and Assange doesn't appear too enamored with either choice, and when asked about getting his hands on Donald Trump's tax returns - a topic that has been the centre of attention since Trump announced his campaign - Assange claims that they're "working on it".

You can watch the entire interview below: