New poll puts Clinton 8 points clear of Trump

She has consolidated her position since receiving the Democratic nomination

New poll puts Clinton 8 points clear of Trump

Image: Tony Dejak / AP/Press Association Images

An ABC News/Washington Post poll published this morning has Hillary Clinton 8 points ahead of rival Donald Trump.

The poll shows she has advanced her position among women voters and consolidated support with her own party after receiving the Democratic nomination recently.

Trumps position has remained roughly the same among voters but some of his statistics will have alarm bells ringing at the Republican party.

67% of those questioned think he lacks the personality and temperament it takes to serve effectively, 64% doubt his understanding of world affairs, 63% see him unfavorably overall, 62% say he’s not honest and trustworthy, 61% think he’s unqualified for office and 60% think he’s biased against women and minorities.

Clinton has improved notably since mid-July among college-educated white women, a critical group in this election where she now leads Trump by 19 points, 57-38%.

However, one of the most important swings is where Clinton is now supported by 86% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents who preferred Bernie Sanders for the nomination.