Western Europe the destination for gangs selling AK-47s

Open borders allows for easy transportation of weapons

Western Europe the destination for gangs selling AK-47s

Image: Jeff Roberson / AP/Press Association Images

Eastern European mafia gangs are supplying military grade weapons across Europe and will sell to anyone.

Europe's open borders mean that weapons like the AK-47 can be moved easily to buyers in western Europe. The AK is the most requested weapon according to the gangs - a weapon rarely used by ordinary criminals.

From the mountains of the Balkans across the huge, remote forests in eastern Europe, networks of gangs have access to millions of weapons that have been cached after years of conflict or are in general supply in areas bordering conflict zones such as Ukraine.

After months of negotiation with a Romanian gang, Sky News was directed to a remote part of the country for a meeting with gang members prepared to show what they could supply.

Throughout the meeting it was made clear they would sell to absolutely anyone; bank robber, mass murderer or terrorist, they made no distinction.

The men said they only dealt with firearms but they had close links to another gang that specialised in heavy weapons, grenades, rocket-propelled grenades and mines.

Among the weapons on display were high quality, apparently brand new, sniper rifles. One, going for 3,000 Euros was an Austrian military Steyr rifle complete with a top-end sight.

Other weapons included semi-automatic rifles, shot guns, hunting rifles and pistols.