After France's Muslim community refuses, Danish imam offers funeral to terrorist

French imams are refusing to "besmirch Islam" by burying the man who killed a priest in a Normandy church in July

After France's Muslim community refuses, Danish imam offers funeral to terrorist

A man holds a religious leaflet showing the priest Jacques Hamel during his funeral mass, outside the Rouen cathedral, Normandy, Tuesday, Aug.2, 2016 [AP Photo/Michel Euler]

After French imams across the country refused to bury one of the terrorists responsible for last month’s deadly attack which saw a priest executed in front of his parishioners, the Danish Islamic burial authority has offered its services to his family. The decision has sparked criticism in Denmark from both the Muslim and non-Muslim communities.

Kasem Said Ahmad, the deputy chairman of the Danish Islamic Burial Foundation, has offered a plot to the family of Adel Kermiche, one of the pair of religious extremists who stormed a Normandy church on July 26th during a mass service and slit the throat of 85-year-old Fr Jacques Hamel.

Since the July 26th attack, Muslim clerics have widely denounced the attack and refused funeral rites to the terrorist, who was shot dead by police. French imam Mohammed Karabila made headlines when he said he would not “help either to prepare the body or with the funeral itself,” adding that he did now want to “besmirch Islam with this person.”

“If we got a request from the family to bury him, then we would do it, we would not say no,” The Local reported Kasem Said Ahmad has having said.

“It is shameful and un-Islamic that the French imams are refusing to bury a Muslim. One should not look at the past of the dead. It is a human right to be buried, no matter what you have done.”

The Danish Muslim’s comments have drawn fire from within his own faith community, with Bashir Ahmad Nazmi, the foundation’s chairman, refuting the proposal. He also revealed that the organisation has not offered a burial plot to the terrorist’s family, nor had the family made efforts to contact the group.

Trine Bramsen, a spokesperson for the Social Democratic party, which lost power in the 2015 general election, described the proposal and “totally absurd,” claiming that it was tantamount to endorsing acts of terrorism.

“Denmark must under no circumstances be the burial ground for terrorists,” Bramsen said. “When you offer burial ground for terrorists from abroad, it is, in my eyes, the same as sympathising with these people and thus supporting the terror. If they cannot see that, I think they have a problem.”

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