Dublin Port: 14 puppies found in boot 'without water, food or ventilation'

Gardaí seize puppies discovered in small metal containers

Dublin Port: 14 puppies found in boot 'without water, food or ventilation'

Image: DSPCA

Fourteen puppies with an estimated combined value of over €17,000 have been seized by gardaí at Dublin Port.

The dogs were en route to the port in the boot of a car without water, food, daylight or ventilation, according to the DSPCA.

They were then expected to be illegally exported from the Republic into the UK, without pet passports or the correct travel documents

The car, which was driven by man in his early 20s, was stopped by officers on Promenade Road this afternoon at around 12.30pm. 

Puppies of various breeds were discovered in two small metal containers in its boot compartment. 

The dogs were seized for alleged cruelty and taken to Store St garda station before being surrendered to the DSPCA. 

Gardaí said they were in healthy condition but will require monitoring for a number of days. They will be put up for adoption after receiving veterinary care.  

Image: DSPCA

A summons will later be issued in relation to the case, a garda spokesperson said. 

This was the fourth seizure of pups leaving Ireland for the UK in the last three weeks.

Last Wednesday, 20 puppies and a mother dog were discovered at a Scottish ferry port after travelling there from the North. 

The trader in that case was targeted in an operation involving police in both Scotland and Ireland following a review of online puppy selling.