Mrs. Browns Boys sequel delayed after Brexit vote results in rising costs

The fallout from the Brexit vote has had some wide-ranging effects

The sequel to the hugely popular Mrs. Brown's Boys has been delayed as a result of the Brexit referendum, of all things.

The aftermath of the vote has seen political comings and goings that even the House of Cards writers couldn't have dreamed up, while the IMF have warned that the move will have a hugely negative effect on the global economy, so it should come as no surprise that pretty much every industry will be hit in some way, shape or form.

That includes film and television, with ITV announcing recently that they plan to take aggressive cost cutting measures, while fans of Mrs. Brown's Boys may be surprised and saddened to learn that the vote has resulted in a sequel to the popular movie being put on the backburner. 

Speaking to The Sun, Brendan O’Carroll who writes and stars in the television-show-turned-movie, stated that the numbers have changed as a result of the vote, mainly thanks to the instability of the pound which has altered the costs of the movie significantly.

"We were planning to do it this year, but the numbers weren’t right. The Brexit drop in sterling makes it a lot more expensive for the studio than it would have been previously," said O'Carroll, adding that "the plot and the outline are there ready to go. We know what’s going to happen and how we’re going to do it."

According to The Guardian, the British film industry in general is set to feel the impact of the Brexit vote, given that the EU pumped around €130 million into projects in the UK between 2007-2015. They also note that for those companies involved in co-productions or who who have already signed deals, they are likely "find themselves significantly short of funds, due to the sudden reduction in sterling’s value."

Despite the hugely negative reaction from critics, the first movie made over £25 million at the box office, with hopes that the sequel would perform similarly. O'Carroll has previously stated that there were plans for a trilogy of movies, but it remains to be seen if they will come to fruition as the UK comes to terms with the consequences of their decision.

Via The Guardian