Lawsuit filed over New York dachshund's $100,000 trust fund

In a bizarre case, a dog's trust fund is being challenged in court in Manhattan

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Image: Flickr/Konstantin Zamkov

A woman in New York who inherited her friend's dachshund is taking a case over the distribution of the dog's $100,000 trust fund. 

The dog, whose name is Winnie Pooh, was passed on to Virginia Hanlon from her friend Patricia Bowers after she passed away in 2010, along with the trust fund in order to look after the costs accrued in caring for the canine.

However, Hanlon has gone to court with Harriet Harkavy, who is in charge of the trust fund, as a result of the fact that the money has not been flowing as freely as she would like. 

According to The New York Post, Hanlon stated that she has "only received a few $10 checks," despite the fact that Winnie required surgery recently which racked up a vet's bill of over $5,000. Although the money did eventually arrive to cover the cost, Hanlon was concerned that the first check she received for payment bounced. 

In court filings, Hanlon said "the unavailability of funds, however brief, causes me great concern," adding that she believes Harkavy is looking to donate much of the money to the Animal Medical Center on York Avenue to advance her own social standing. 

"What a coup that would have been for Ms. Harkavy," Hanlon continues in the filings. "She would have been feted and lauded amongst her Sutton Place friends for advancing the payment for the sake of charity."

The suit, which was filed in the Manhattan Surrogate’s Court, is seeking financial documents relating to the money and back pay for costs incurred that Hanlon claims have not been covered yet.

For her part, Harkavy told the New York Post that Hanlong has "gotten everything she should by law and by the terms of the trust."

Via New York Post