Norway is considering giving Finland a mountain as a 'birthday present'

A small border change would mean Finland gains a new highest peak

Norway is considering giving Finland a mountain as a 'birthday present'

The highest point of Finland, also a border mark. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Finland is due to celebrate a century of independence next year - and it could be receiving a very, very large gift from one of its neighbours.

Norway's government has said it is considering changing its border in order to give Finland full control of a mountain - called Halti, among other names - which is currently shared by both countries.

The summit is currently on the Norwegian side of the border, but there is a second peak only a few metres lower (1,324m) in Finland.

Moving the border means Norway would only lose around a 0.01 square kilometre area of land, while Finland would gain a new highest peak.

While Halti has the highest elevation of any mountain in Finland, it is modestly sized in Norwegian terms - the highest peak there has an elevation of 2,469m, while dozens of others have summits over 2,200m. 

The idea to 'gift' Finland the mountain was first proposed by retired geophysicist Bjørn Geirr Harsson last year, and more than 14,000 people have joined a Facebook group supporting the proposed border change.

Erna Solberg, Norway's prime minister, confirmed to NRK that the idea is being considered by her government.

However, she has not yet decided if she will support the initiative, and noted there could be a few challenges if it was to be implemented.