'Arrested Development' creator offers strongest hint of a fifth season yet

Mitch Hurwitz revealed he is "desperate" for the show to return

'Arrested Development' creator offers strongest hint of a fifth season yet

The cast of 'Arrested Development' [Netflix]

Fans of the cult sitcom Arrested Development can relish the news that the show’s long-awaited fifth season looks scheduled to go into production for Netflix in 2017.

“If it does happen, it looks like the shooting will start at the beginning of 2017,” the show’s creator, Mitch Hurwitz, revealed when speaking at the Netflix panel at the Television Critics Association press tour.

The sitcom, starring Jason Bateman as the beleaguered Michael Bluth dealing with his family’s escalating construction scandals, ran for three seasons on Fox before it was cancelled in 2006. Despite winning six Emmy Awards, the show failed to develop its audience, leading to Fox executives cancelling it. Netflix acquired the rights to the show and brought it bad for a fourth season in 2013, which divided many fans.

Hurwitz revealed that he has ambitions to see the show return for another season, telling the gathered TV critics that it is “the thing I’m really desperate to do.”

The ambitious show, known for weaving storylines and hiding Easter Eggs across its season arcs for fans to find on repeat viewing, is apparently ready for production, with Hurwitz and his writers having already planned several storylines.

Hurwitz will also produce the second season of the Maria Bamford vehicle Lady Dynamite, which was also revealed to have been granted a second season, along with a number of other Netflix original productions.

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