WATCH: Side-by-side supercut showcases all the movie references in 'Stranger Things'

The Netflix show is a loveletter to the classic movies of Steven Spielberg and John Carpenter

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Winona Ryder stars as Joyce Byers in 'Stranger Things' [Netflix]

The Netflix Original series Stranger Things has become one of the breakout hits of the summer TV schedule, charming fans and critics alike with its bump-in-the-night tribute to classic movies of the 70s and 80s. It’s impossible to not notice some of them when binging your way through the show,  but now thanks to one Vimeo video producer, you can see how many of those films influenced the Duffer Brothers sci-fi fantasy show.

Played out against the electro music of the show’s opening credits, music which is in itself a nod to the themes written by John Carpenter, the five-minute long video created by Ulysse Thevenon is a roll call of beloved movies. While there’s plenty of Steven Spielberg cuts in there, there are others even keen viewers might have missed, like Alien, The Goonies, Firestarter and Commando.

The Winona Ryder-starring series has become a breakout hit for the streaming giant, fast earning a cult following off the back of word of mouth and positive reviews. While a second season has already been greenlit by Netflix, those biding their time for the next bout of episodes can at least enjoy the comparison video below:

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