Historic artillery shell found in Co. Kildare

The army bomb disposal team removed the device earlier this afternoon

Historic artillery shell found in Co. Kildare

Army bomb disposal team made 3 viable devices safe

The army has removed an historic artillery shell which was discovered in a residential area in County Kildare.

Gardaí requested help from the Army Bomb Disposal Team after a suspicious device was found at Blackmiller Hill this afternoon.

A safety cordon was put in place, a road was closed and some local residents were evacuated from their homes as a safety precaution.

The team arrived on scene at 4.00pm, safely isolated the shell and removed it to a safe military location for further examination. The scene was declared safe just after 5.00pm.

The Defence Forces have said that legacy munitions from conflicts in the early 20th century can be encountered from time to time.

They are advising members of the public who come across artillery remains to keep a safe distance, and inform Gardaí.