Father behind viral pro-Trump girl group suing campaign for broken promises

After writing the song 'The Donald Trump Jam', Jeff Popick claims the campaign left him out of pocket

Donald Trump, Jeff Popick, The Freedom Girls,

The Freedom Girls performing in January [AP Photo/Michael Snyder]

It is often said that freedom comes at a price, and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is about to learn that the Freedom Girls also come at a price. The Freedom Girls were a trio of all singing and all dancing (read: some singing with a lot of pre-produced backing track, minimal dancing) young women who performed a pro-Trump song at one of his rallies in Pensacola, Florida in January. Now the man who wrote the song, that has since garnered millions of views on YouTube, and who fathered the youngest of the three is suing the Trump campaign for allegedly breaking a number of promises.

As reported by The Washington Post, Jeff Popick approached Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski to propose the Freedom Girls’ rendition of the original song. Popick claims an agreement was reached that would see the group perform at two Florida rallies. When the first fell through, Popick asked the campaign to pay $2,500 (€2,270) for the now viral show. Trump staffers countered with an offer that allowed Popick a table at the rally from which he could sell albums, which Popick agreed to take.

Popick is now alleging that the table never materialised, describing the rally as “complete chaos,” adding “They clearly had made no provisions for that.”

The Trump campaign then booked the Freedom Girls to perform again during an event in Des Moines, Iowa, for which Popick paid for their travel expenses. Upon arrival, the group and their manager were informed they were not going to take to the stage and were advised to sit in the audience instead.

In light of his experiences with the group, Popick is now admitting he is uncertain whether he still believes in the lyrics of the song he wrote supporting Trump’s presidency. “I’m very saddened by it,” he told TIME. “I’m not really sure what to think. The fact that what he’s done to my group, or lack thereof, doesn’t necessarily mean he wouldn’t be the right guy for president. I don’t know. Maybe I’m not the right person to make political commentary.”

Popick has revealed that he is not looking for “billions of dollars” in a settlement with the Trump campaign, rather what he was promised. “I’ve asked and asked them for many months to make it right, and they haven’t. And if it means going the legal route, then so be it.”

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