Offaly man jailed 8 years for his part in killing of Christy Daly

Ross Allen facilitated the hit by retrieving a car and a sawn-off shotgun

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A young father from Co Offaly has been jailed for eight years for his part in the killing of 47-year-old Christy Daly two years ago.

Ross Allen of Kilmonaghan Lodge in Clara suspected him of stealing a bag of drugs and played a role in two assassins being brought down from Dublin.

Allen did not pull the trigger but a jury felt he did have a hand in the brutal death suffered by Mr Daly, whose beaten and bullet-riddled body was found in a drain near his home in January 2014.

A burnt-out car containing 9mm bullets similar to spent bullets found at the scene was found at a nearby quarry.

Allen (26) left a bag of drugs near Mr Daly’s caravan and suspected him of stealing it when he returned to retrieve it.

The drugs belonged to a criminal - referred to as 'Mr X' during the trial - and his suspicions ultimately led to two assassins being called in from Dublin.

Allen facilitated the hit by retrieving a car and a sawn-off shotgun, and by acting as a lookout.

He was convicted of manslaughter in May and handed a 10-year sentence today.

Mr Justice Patrick McCarthy described what it as a "very grave offence" - but said he had to offer him some light at the end of the tunnel and suspended the final two years.'s courts correspondent Frank Greaney was in court and spoke to Lunchtime.