'Millions' of UK Labour voters would choose Theresa May over Jeremy Corbyn - poll

The opinion poll shows the biggest gap between the two parties in the six years

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Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn arrives to cast his vote at a polling station in Islington, London | Photo: PA Images

More than two and a half million people who voted Labour at the last British election would choose Theresa May over Jeremy Corbyn to be prime minister, a new poll shows.

When asked which leader they would prefer to lead the UK, 29% of Labour voters - equivalent to 2.7 million people - opted for the Conservative Party's new PM.

The YouGov survey for The Times also found that Mrs May's government enjoys a 12-point lead over Labour in general.

It is the biggest gap between the two parties in the six years since Labour fell from power in 2010.

Adding to Mr Corbyn's woes is the finding that only 19% of all voters polled believe that the current Labour leader would make a better prime minister.

The poll also found that Mrs May appears to be picking up some support from UKIP voters.

The poll comes amid a UK High Court challenge that could result in Jeremy Corbyn being forced to seek the backing of MPs to stand in the party's leadership contest.

Labour donor Michael Foster is claiming in the court that the party's rules were not properly applied when its governing body allowed Mr Corbyn to run for leadership without the backing of 51 of his MPs and MEPs.

Earlier, an ICM poll found Labour is as far behind the Conservatives as it was when Margaret Thatcher won a landslide victory over Michael Foot in 1983.