Gas leak leaves London streets deserted

Hundreds of workers were evacuated from their offices shortly after 4pm this afternoon

Gas leak leaves London streets deserted

Image: @PBridges77 on Twitter

Hundreds of workers have been evacuated from their offices after a gas leak in the City of London in the UK.

Engineers are attending the leak and have closed off a number of roads in the city, while a 25-metre cordon is in place around London Wall.

A spokesperson for the London Fire Brigade said the alarm was raised at 3.56pm and police started evacuating nearby offices shortly after 4pm.

A business owner who was evacuated from London Wall said emergency services at the scene told him the leak was "absolutely massive".

Matt Harris told the London Evening Standard: "They're telling us it's an absolutely massive gas leak in the sub-basement of an office building on London Wall, near the Moorgate junction.

"They said they're going to have to dig the street up to get the gas out."

Harris added: "People were looking, thinking, wondering whether something more serious was going on, but they formed an orderly queue and moved in the direction they were meant to be going in.

"London Fire Brigade and the police are not running around in panic mode, they seem to be waiting for the right people to come out to do what they've got to do."

A number of people took to Twitter to share photos and videos of the eerily quiet London streets.

A number of roads are still closed to facilitate emergency services.

Additional reporting by IRN