The World's Greatest Counterfeiter

Frank Bourassa managed to create $250 million in fake money

Frank Bourassa is perhaps the greatest counterfeiter the world has ever seen and spent four years researching the perfect way to recreate the American $20 dollar bill.

After detailed research, he managed to create $250 million in fake money which he then started to sell to clients in an undercover business operation, until he finally got caught in 2014. Frank details his extraordinary story in his memoir 'The Money Maker', which will be officially published later this year. Frank has also received a lot of interest to adapt his story into a movie

What now for Frank? The world's best counterfeiter now runs his own enterprise, offering consulting services to help businesses thwart counterfeiters. His website is

His freedom isn't total as Mr Bourassa's only protected from extradition if he stays in Canada, and he still can't say whether he's still being watched. Frank says further surveillance would be a waste of time. "I wouldn't touch another fake $20 with a 100 foot pole," he says. "Never in my life." If he could go back, would he do it all over again? "Yeah, I'm happy, I did a good job."

Listen to Frank's iterview with Tom Dunne here