Susan Sarandon is not enjoying the Democratic National Convention

The 69-year-old star and Sanders supporter has made headlines for her disdain during the DNC

Susan Sarandon, Democratic National Convention, DNC, Philadelphia, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump

Actress Susan Sarandon holds up a sign during the first day of the DNC in Philadelphia [AP Photo/John Locher]

Susan Sarandon has made it very clear throughout this entire election cycle in the race for the US presidency that she is firmly with Bernie Sanders. Whether going head to head on Twitter with Will & Grace actress Debra Messing or confirming that she doesn’t use her female anatomy when it comes to making a decision, the Oscar-winner has emerged as a vocal democrat. Which is why it’s not surprising that she is currently in Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention. That she looks bored out of her tree, however, is making headlines.

Not long after she gave a controversial interview outlining how she felt the odds had been unfairly stacked against the Vermont senator, a US journalist tweeted a gif of Sarandon not enjoying herself at the convention. The tweet was then sent by Sarandon herself, with the word “Accurate” added.

Sarandon has not held back on her thoughts concerning Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, describing the former Secretary of State as “more dangerous” than Donald Trump. Sarandon has also claimed it is “inevitable” that Clinton will be indicted over her email scandal.

Speaking to the popular YouTube political show The Young Turks yesterday, the 69-year-old actress outlined her theories as to how the leaders of the Democratic Party had schemed in order to see Bernie Sanders kicked off the ticket.

“I think we have to really ask: What’s happened to us in terms of what we’re willing to sacrifice to get our person in? Or, what does it really say about us if all of this goes by unattended?” the Thelma & Louise star said.

Sarandon was not the only Hollywood star seemingly not enjoying herself at the Philadelphia convention. Comedian and actress Sarah Silverman, a long-time supporter of Bernie Sanders, responded to jeers from the crowd when she endorsed Hillary Clinton will calls of “You’re being ridiculous.”

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