Dublin City Council bans wild-animal circuses

The DSPCA say such animals are usually treated badly

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A demonstration to ban the use of animals in circuses in Dublin in 2012 | Image: RollingNews.ie

The DSPCA have welcomed a move by Dublin City Council to ban all wild-animal circuses.

The council put the ban in place yesterday, which will see such events excluded from public land in their jurisdiction.

"The use of wild animals such as elephants, lions, hippos and tigers in circuses is not necessary to entertain," DSPCA CEO Brian Gillen says.

"The DSPCA...have been dealing with the issues of wild animal circuses for over a century and are delighted with this news."

The animal welfare charity says animals used in such circuses cannot engage in natural behaviour, are transported in cramped conditions and are often chained or caged for up to 23 hours a day.

It also claims that many suffer from psychological disorders and chronic health problems.

"The ban reflects the awareness and understanding of the needs and behaviour of animals unsuitable for this type of captivity and this ban is a good step forward in the battle to end all animal cruelty in Ireland," the DSPCA says.

To date places including Austria, Croatia, and The Netherlands are among countries that have introduced bans on wild-animal circuses.

While several Irish local authorities - including Galway, South Dublin, Kildare, Waterford, Arklow, and Monaghan - have also banned these acts from public land.